Cabinets and floor done.

Week of Oct 4th thru 9th. Painted walls, installed cabinets, installed new vinyl flooring and window/door trim. Moved the washer/dryer and water heater for the last time. Only items left are installing countertop (still need to make a choice on laminate) and prime/paint the trim.

Sheetrock and Plaster done

Week of Sept 27th thru Oct 2nd sheetrock, taping and mudding was done. Weather was rainy & humid, so the joint compound was slow to dry. Sanding was done on saturday with prime coat on walls and 2 coats on ceiling.


New Plumbing, Wiring & Insulation

September 20-26th was a busy week. Spent 4 days crawling around in a 20" high crawl space. First cut out the old washer/dryer hook-up's, then replumb in the crawl space the waste and feed lines. Cut out all the old wiring that had run thru the crawl space and ran the new 220v feed to the washer and finially put up a vapor/insulation barrier on the bottom of the floor joists (mind you this is all done on my back in a 20" and less crawl space).

Old Plumbing.

Hole in floor that I had to fit thru each time into crawl space (I removed the heat duct to make it eaiser).
I had to replace the feed to the water heater (didnt plan on it)had corossion, while I was replaceing that pipe I installed 2 new ball valve shut-offs.

New washer location waste/feed lines.

Vapor/insulation Barrier.
And finially insulation and 2"ridged insulation on the ceiling bringing that to R-31 and 1/2" ridged on the wall against the garage to add a little more sound barrier.

I installed ridged foam in all soffit cavities to help stop drafts into insulation.

These panels were installed to stop the air from the garage attic.

Next is sheetrock and plaster. Each day I moved the washer and dryer into the kitchen and I drained and moved the water heater 2 times that week.


Finished Demo

Demolition was finished Aug 20th, just adding now.
Had to remove the water heater temporarily to remove the floor underlayment. Underlayment was in bad shape that looks like previous water damage, pain to remove.

Next I cut a hole in the subfloor to make it easier to redo the plumbing to the new location for the washer dryer which will now be located on back wall. Basement is just an unfinished crawl space and the laundry room is the farthest area from the basement entry, cutting a hole will save a lot of time crawling all the way around, never mind if I happen to forget to bring a tool with me.

Electric has been upgraded and new outlets and changed the location of the outside door switches (changed the swing of the door). I added to this switch box the driveway floodlight switch which was previously locted in the garage (real pain in the winter).

Sept 13th update, no new work has been done since 8/24. Vacation, real work projects have gotten in the way, but all materials have been purchased and are on site, plumbing, insulation, sheetrock, floor underlayment and New vinyl flooring for both the laundry room and Kitchen. Work should progress quick and only items left are counter top choice and wall paint color.

Windows & Door

Doors and windows were removed in early July, I am just adding it to the blog at this time.

Old door removed, was still in good condition being located in a protected entry, but was woofully inefficient with no windows and a door lock that did not work. A new energy efficient Door with window and deadbolt lock.

Replaced the 2 windows with anderson series 400 Low-e argon filled windows, again they were in good shape just that they were single plaine and with no screens and diffecult to open.


Demolition starts

Wensday finaly started demo. Packed-up and moved stuff in cabinet and moved refriderator to dining room.

Finished removing T&G paneling and upper cabinet. Removed sheetroock, who ever installed the sheetrock previously got a little overzelous with the nails. Got about 3/4 of sheetrock & insulation form the walls removed before I called it a day. Will finish with the walls and ceiling also removing the floor underlayment tomorrow.


Had to show a picture of the wrong way to install insulation. As you can notice in the pic the dark areas are from air movement into the garage.


Laundry Room Remodel

Cabinets are finished and demolition starts this week on the Laundry room. Tough part is keeping washer and dryer in place and running during demolition and new construction, we'll see how that goes.