New Plumbing, Wiring & Insulation

September 20-26th was a busy week. Spent 4 days crawling around in a 20" high crawl space. First cut out the old washer/dryer hook-up's, then replumb in the crawl space the waste and feed lines. Cut out all the old wiring that had run thru the crawl space and ran the new 220v feed to the washer and finially put up a vapor/insulation barrier on the bottom of the floor joists (mind you this is all done on my back in a 20" and less crawl space).

Old Plumbing.

Hole in floor that I had to fit thru each time into crawl space (I removed the heat duct to make it eaiser).
I had to replace the feed to the water heater (didnt plan on it)had corossion, while I was replaceing that pipe I installed 2 new ball valve shut-offs.

New washer location waste/feed lines.

Vapor/insulation Barrier.
And finially insulation and 2"ridged insulation on the ceiling bringing that to R-31 and 1/2" ridged on the wall against the garage to add a little more sound barrier.

I installed ridged foam in all soffit cavities to help stop drafts into insulation.

These panels were installed to stop the air from the garage attic.

Next is sheetrock and plaster. Each day I moved the washer and dryer into the kitchen and I drained and moved the water heater 2 times that week.

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