Finished Demo

Demolition was finished Aug 20th, just adding now.
Had to remove the water heater temporarily to remove the floor underlayment. Underlayment was in bad shape that looks like previous water damage, pain to remove.

Next I cut a hole in the subfloor to make it easier to redo the plumbing to the new location for the washer dryer which will now be located on back wall. Basement is just an unfinished crawl space and the laundry room is the farthest area from the basement entry, cutting a hole will save a lot of time crawling all the way around, never mind if I happen to forget to bring a tool with me.

Electric has been upgraded and new outlets and changed the location of the outside door switches (changed the swing of the door). I added to this switch box the driveway floodlight switch which was previously locted in the garage (real pain in the winter).

Sept 13th update, no new work has been done since 8/24. Vacation, real work projects have gotten in the way, but all materials have been purchased and are on site, plumbing, insulation, sheetrock, floor underlayment and New vinyl flooring for both the laundry room and Kitchen. Work should progress quick and only items left are counter top choice and wall paint color.

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